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     To be honest, I had never touched a paintbrush when I accepted the responsibility of managing The Working Art Gallery in 2006.  From the day I started at the gallery, I was impressed by the original oil paintings that our guest artists brought in.  In a very short time I learned to appreciate fine art and wondered if I could learn to paint.  I told Celene Farris - one of the gallery’s two owners - that I was interested in trying my hand at painting with oils.  She suggested that I join her oil painting classes.


     On my first awkward attempts at stroking dabs of oil onto a canvas under Celene’s critical eye and no-nonsense supervision, I managed to complete my first painting.  Celene liked what I did; she said that I had a natural talent and suggested that I take oil painting seriously.  In the following months, she taught me the basics of painting with oils, showed me how to see things as an artist, and loaned me art books and magazines to study.  Within a relatively short time, something amazing happened: I became an artist.  


     I was encouraged to exhibit my work at the gallery to see what kind of response I would get from visiting art lovers.  Amazingly, two of my paintings sold in the first week and I was hooked.  The only thing I needed was an artist bio.  But with my limited artist background, I didn’t have much to say.  So I asked the other gallery owner, Lou Masciovecchio, if he would help me write my bio.  He said, “Sure.  How about - ‘I like art.  I paint.’” 


     When all the laughing died down (I had to laugh; after all, he owns the gallery!), Lou sat down with me and we came up with my very first artist bio… which you have just finished reading.  Hope you enjoyed it.